Do You Embrace Accountability in Your Parenting? Parenting the QBQ Way with John Miller

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Do you ever wonder why your kids won’t follow your directions? Why they talk back? Why they seem to think that mom and dad should get them the newest gadgets, toys and things?

If you find yourself frequently asking “why are they…”, then maybe it’s time to start asking different questions.  It’s time to embrace our own accountability in our parenting.  It’s time to start asking ourselves how and what we can do to be the best parents we can be.

John G. Miller of, author of the QBQ! series joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share the principle of personal accountability to the important job we have as parents.  His principles from his latest book Parenting the QBQ! Way has us asking ourselves the right questions as we walk the parenting path. It help us as parents to embrace and model personal accountability to our children.  Personal accountability is key to being outstanding in all that we do.

As parents, we have an impact on how our children are able to cope with the world.  Although there are things that are inherent in them, and things that are beyond our control, we do have a huge impact on them in the way we parent them.  Our primary job as a  parent is to equip them to be independent, responsible for them selves, and accountable for their decisions and actions.  But, all of those things start with us.

Through the basic QBQ! methodology, John shows us how we start with ourselves – taking a look at how we are parenting and what we are modeling to our children. He shared the three main elements of the QBQ! way of thinking. They are:

  • Asking ourselves better questions.
  • Using the personal pronoun “I”.
  • Taking action.
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John G. Miller is the founder of QBQ, Inc., an organizational development firm built on the core value of becoming outstanding through embracing personal accountability.  John is the author of QBQ!, Flipping the SwitchOutstandingSpecks and Planks, and Don’t Just talk, Be Heard! In addition to authoring six books, and to speaking to and working with countless organizations to help them be outstanding through accountability, John and his wife Karen have raised 7 children.

Parenting the QBQ! Way is available in an easy to read e-book format to fit most any e-reader or to download and read on your PC.


DrugFreeAZ – What Parents and Kids Need to Know About Substances

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Did you know that drug use and drug addiction is not only a problem with illegal substances?  Did you know that kids can get their hands on “designer” substances – substances that are similar to the illegal kind, but sold legally? Do you know that YOU play an important role in preventing substance abuse in your family?

If you are a parent, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Kim Obert, Program Manager, and Shirley Baum, Board Member of joined Mom of Many Hats Radio for an important discussion on drug use in Arizona.  Although the discussion is based on Arizona statistics, this discussion is for everyone across the country, as Arizona is a snapshot of what is happening across our country.

Our discussion with Kim and Shirley included the trends in the use of substances. From prescription drugs, to illicit drugs, to designer drugs, our children are at risk from the use of substances that are harmful and addictive. With the average age of first use being 13 years old,  and an increase in the use and availability of substances, it is important for parents to have conversations early and often with their kids about healthy living and the dangers and risks of drug use and abuse. To have those conversations, parents and kids need to be armed with information.

Many of us know something about the commonly known substances such as marijuana, ecstasy, meth, alcohol and tobacco. Shirley and Kim shared information about “designer drugs” – substances that are often sold legally, but are used to simulate the affects of other substances.  Among those are “bath salts”, “glass cleaner”, “plant food”, “spice”, and others. They provided us with information for us as parents to use if we are suspicious about something we hear or see in our child’s possession. They also shared with us the things  that we can look for in behavior that may signal there is something that we should investigate – mainly, a substantial and marked change in their behavior.  As parents, they suggested that we “trust our gut”.

Our conversation also included resources on how we can open up dialogue with our kids about healthy living choices and drugs.  They provided 12 Steps in 2012 to build a better relationship with your child. Some highlights are:

  • Be a role model to your child.
  • Listen to your teens, avoid interrupting.
  • Help them to discover the feeling of gratitude.
  • Create scenarios and act out with your child, how they would handle a situation involving drugs.
For a complete list of the 12 Steps in 2012, and to listen the important information in the broadcast, Listen HERE. For additional information and resources visit DrugFreeAZ.Org.

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Tough Conversations! 2nd Friday Parenting Hat

Do you dread those tough conversations with your kids? What kinds of conversations are hard for you as a parent to have with your kids? What conversations are tough and uncomfortable for  your kids to hear?

Sometimes it’s difficult to sit our kids down and have frank discussion about things they may encounter in life.  We feel self conscious, uncomfortable, and even maybe a bit embarrassed when we are faced with having the conversations with our kids about sex.  We may think that our kids would never have a need to know about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.  We may think that our kids are on the right path and don’t need a lot of direct conversation about things that happen in life and  the choices they will face – and of the consequences of both.

Tamra Wade of PaperHopeBlog joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to talk about the discussions we must be having with our kids.  She shared with us personal stories about the types of conversations she has had with her daughters, how she has approached them, and how they have played out. Through her blog  a collection of writings and stories from her  own life as a teen,  she shares her journal entries from her angst filled teenage years as a source of conversation for other moms and daughters to base tough conversations around.  Through the use of these stories, parents and kids have a safe and neutral place to talk about the situations and decisions that kids will face in their lives.

Although as parents we often feel uncomfortable about starting the conversations, we must get past our own discomfort and have frank and honest conversations with our kids. In today’s world our kids are facing the same things that we did when we were their age, but it comes at them so much faster and furiously due to technology.  For that reason, we need to be proactive and have the tough discussions with them. Tamra gave us these tips on how to do that:

  • Set a Good Environment – Choose a time, a place and an environment that is going to be free of other distractions or siblings that may interfere with the conversation.
  • Share Stories – People relate to stories that are similar to what they are going through.  Sharing a story helps to make the other person feel like they are not alone in a situation or decision.  It provides a safe place and a conversation starter.
  • Ask Open Ended Questions – Open ended questions require more than just a yes or no answer.  They encourage discussion and keep the conversation flowing.

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