Imagination and Play – Building Stronger and Healthy Kids! Shannon Guernsey of Planet Fassa 4/27/12

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Do you remember the joy of play? Did you spend hours upon hours pretending to be a pirate or a princess? Did you make mud pie creations worthy of a four star restaurant? Did you pretend to be on a safari as you climbed the trees in your back yard?

In today’s technological world, the pull of electronic play time is very strong.  From a young age, kids learn how to interact with technology.  Technology is a good thing, but it can often be a strong pull away from outdoor and creative  play.

Shannon Guernsey joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her site, Planet FassaPlanet Fassa is an interactive site that encourages creativity, imagination and outdoor play.  Through a series of online books, kids will learn technology skills, but also be encouraged to bond with the characters, hone their reading skills, and get out into the world and play!
Shannon and the Mom of Many Hats discussed the impact of play for kids and families.  Among the very important and relevant ideas about why it is necessary, were a few some key points that we all need to remember when it comes to allowing free play for those young ones that we have a responsibility to:world and play! At Planet Fassa, families will find 6 interactive books with a great cast of characters, and prompts for hours of activities, as well as a points system to encourage kids to participate in imaginative, creative, and offline play.

  • Play is a basic right for children and necessary to a child’s development.
  • Play and imagination hone problem solving skills and forward thinking.
  • As parents, caretakers, and teachers, we need to empower kids to be creative, play, and understand who they are.
  • Families, teachers, and caretakers create the extended “village” that creates opportunities for kids to use their imagination.

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About Shannon Guernsey

Shannon Guernsey has a heart for helping children see the greatness, the creativity, and the imagination that is hidden inside of them.  Her goal is to help them reach their A-Ha moment as they unlock the limitless bounds of their imaginations.  Under the pen name S. Mooo, Shannon has written 6 interactive online books for kids to explore the vastness of their own potential to create limitless stories and  fun in their free play. To connect with and to lean more about Shannon, join her on Twitter @S_Moooo or on Facebook.

Learn more about Planet Fassa by visiting family site at For fun activities and parenting tips, visit the Planet Fassa Blog at Yo


Planet Explorers – Learning Adventure! 4th Friday

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Do you love to travel?  Do you love to travel with your kids?

We travel with our children for a lot of different reasons.  Often times it is out of necessity to visit family or attend a particular event.  Sometimes it is because we are contemplating a move and are getting a feel for the area.  Sometimes, it is just for fun!

For whatever the reason, travel can always be an adventure and time for learning.  Laura Schaefer, author of the Planet Explorers Series joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her innovated and creative approach to making travel a fun, educational, and interactive experience.  Through combining today’s mobile technologies with the natural curiosity of kids,  Laura has created a fantastic travel companion that will keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more about the places they are visiting.

The Planet Explorer’s series is a collection of E-Book interactive travel guides that can be downloaded to just about any handheld mobile communication device, or PC.  The books are a great way to learn about a destination before traveling, or while visiting a travel destination.  The guide is geared toward the 3rd to 4th grade audience.  It is an easy to read and interactive way to get kids interested in the sights they are seeing.  The book contains links to local landmarks, points of interest, and information on local culture and icons. Information is at the touch of a screen, engaging the kids in the electronic world they are immersed in, yet enhances the experience of being out in the world as they learn about travel spots, not just by seeing them, but by learning about them too.

Laura began writing professionally in 2001 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin.  In addition to ten e-book Planet Explorers Books, Laura is also the author of The Teashop Girls (Simon & Schuster, 2008) and the Secret Ingredient (2011).  She developed a love for travel as a child as she traveled with her family.  She shares that love today through Planet Explorers. Her love of writing, and her creative spirit lead  her to the path that she is on now – creating an educational travel experience.  She is truly drawn to this project and is able to follow her heart, and her creative spirit in bringing destinations and learning adventures to the hands and minds of kids.

Currently there are 10 Planet Explorers guides available.  They include cities, theme parks, and cruise adventures.  She hopes to bring to collection to 25 in the near future and expand the destinations to include more cities, and national parks as well.  To see the available titles visit Planet Explorers on Amazon, or her Planet Explorers Site. To learn about her other writings, visit

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