Live Inspired and Feed Your Spirit with Michelle Sedas!

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Are you constantly doing for others? Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but still spend what little energy you have on others? Do you feel  guilty saying no and taking time for yourself?

Inspirational author, Michelle Sedas joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her inspiration and experience resulted in her beautiful book Live Inspired.  We discussed how you can stretch your mind, gladden your heart, and nourish your soul. Taking the time to feed our own spirits makes us better able to feed the spirits of those we love.

As moms, and as women, we often give and give until we have nothing left to give.  It is so easy for us to get into the cycle of pouring out of the pitcher, but not taking the time to fill it up.  We love our children and want to do for them, exist for them, and give them our all.  But at the end of the day, if we try to pour from an empty pitcher, everyone ends up thirsty.

Michelle shared pearls of wisdom that she has learned and clung to in her own journey as a woman and as a mother.  These things have helped her to  live inspired everyday. Michelle gave these inspiring gems to our listeners to help them refill, refresh, and live inspired too:

  • If we stay busy, we feel we are doing right. We need to slow down and drink in the moments.
  • Women that know the importance of self-care are the women that shine. We need to take care of ourselves.
  • We only have one life to live.  This is it, so, act now!
  • There is nothing in life that at some point can’t be laughed at.
  • Get in touch with what sets you on fire.
  • Mix it up!

Michelle Sedas is the author of Welcome The Rain, Live Inspired, and the coauthor ofThe Power of 10%. She is the cofounder of Running Moms Rock and the host of the Inspired Living Cafe.  She randomly writes a blog, fittingly titled: What’s Running Through My Mind… random musings by Michelle Sedas

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Healthy Living Hat! Running Moms Rock! 8/19

Click the Photo to support Running Moms Rock!

We need to don our healthy hats to be the best that we can be. It isn’t always easy to find the motivation to get out there and move our bodies.  Shouldn’t running after the kids and all of our household responsibilities be enough exercise to keep us fit?

This week Erika Westmoreland and Michelle Sedas of Running Moms Rock shared with us about staying healthy and happy through running and overall fitness. They reminded us that making time for being fit is not a selfish thing. Fitness should be a priority with it’s own slot on our daily schedules.  It is important to us and our own health, but also to that of our families and our communities. When we are in better health and staying fit, we have more energy, less stress, a better outlook on the day to day tasks of being a parents.  We provide a healthy example to our children and help to steer them into and attitude of healthy living. They also shared a fabulous saying that we can use to motivate us – A fit mom is a healthy mom is a happy mom.

In their shared love of running and fitness, their mothering hearts, and their care and love for children in the community, they have created a wonderful organization, Running Moms Rock . It not only promotes healthy living and empowering moms and families to exercise through an organized run, but benefits community organizations as well. The sponsored event benefits  the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County.

If you would like to support Running Moms Rock or it’s beneficiaries, you can do so by visiting their site. If you want to help spread the word in  your community, click the photo above to purchase a quality running hat that you can wear in support of healthy living and community service.

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