Imagination and Play – Building Stronger and Healthy Kids! Shannon Guernsey of Planet Fassa 4/27/12

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Do you remember the joy of play? Did you spend hours upon hours pretending to be a pirate or a princess? Did you make mud pie creations worthy of a four star restaurant? Did you pretend to be on a safari as you climbed the trees in your back yard?

In today’s technological world, the pull of electronic play time is very strong.  From a young age, kids learn how to interact with technology.  Technology is a good thing, but it can often be a strong pull away from outdoor and creative  play.

Shannon Guernsey joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her site, Planet FassaPlanet Fassa is an interactive site that encourages creativity, imagination and outdoor play.  Through a series of online books, kids will learn technology skills, but also be encouraged to bond with the characters, hone their reading skills, and get out into the world and play!
Shannon and the Mom of Many Hats discussed the impact of play for kids and families.  Among the very important and relevant ideas about why it is necessary, were a few some key points that we all need to remember when it comes to allowing free play for those young ones that we have a responsibility to:world and play! At Planet Fassa, families will find 6 interactive books with a great cast of characters, and prompts for hours of activities, as well as a points system to encourage kids to participate in imaginative, creative, and offline play.

  • Play is a basic right for children and necessary to a child’s development.
  • Play and imagination hone problem solving skills and forward thinking.
  • As parents, caretakers, and teachers, we need to empower kids to be creative, play, and understand who they are.
  • Families, teachers, and caretakers create the extended “village” that creates opportunities for kids to use their imagination.

To hear the entire discussion click the here.

About Shannon Guernsey

Shannon Guernsey has a heart for helping children see the greatness, the creativity, and the imagination that is hidden inside of them.  Her goal is to help them reach their A-Ha moment as they unlock the limitless bounds of their imaginations.  Under the pen name S. Mooo, Shannon has written 6 interactive online books for kids to explore the vastness of their own potential to create limitless stories and  fun in their free play. To connect with and to lean more about Shannon, join her on Twitter @S_Moooo or on Facebook.

Learn more about Planet Fassa by visiting family site at For fun activities and parenting tips, visit the Planet Fassa Blog at Yo


Do You Love to Eat? Beth Aldrich on Mom of Many Hats Radio 04/20/12

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Are you too busy to be healthy? Do you think that in order to eat healthy has to be a battle between you, your will, and the taste buds of your family?

Beth Aldrich, healthy living and nutrition expert, joinrf Mom of Many Hats Radio to shed light on how we can transform our eating habits, and our attitude about food.  In her expertise, she knows that as real moms, we love food and we love to eat.  We don’t want to feel deprived as we move to a healthy lifestyle, and we certainly don’t want to battle our families either. Beth shared her strategies from her book Real Moms Love to Eat, that can help us realize that our love affair with food doesn’t have to come to an end, just so we can get back on the healthy track.

We All Have Issues! 

Beth addressed many issues that moms and women in general face when trying to adopt a healthy eating and living lifestyle.  Getting ourselves on track and our families on board isn’t always an easy task! In this broadcast Mom of Many Hats – Angie, and Beth discussed many sticking points as well as tips to get over the stumbling blocks to healthy eating. Some of the issues we talked about were:

  • Take small steps in making changes to a healthier food lifestyle. Too much change at once can be overwhelming.
  • Focus on the things you can do – empower your decisions.  Focusing on the “can’ts” can make the change much tougher.
  • Realize that we are in dysfunctional relationships with many of our favorite food friends (salt, sugar, carbs, fats).  We need to evaluate them and make them  healthy relationships.
  • Our relationship with food is often a very emotional one.  We need to address emotions attached to food and see if there is anything we need to change about the reasons we need or crave particular foods.
Beth also shared her favorite recipes from the extensive list of recipes provided in her book.  Her mouth watering recipes are sure to tempt even the pickiest of eaters!
About Beth Aldrich

Beth Aldrich is the Author of Real Moms Love to Eat. the founder and a certified Health Coach.  She is a green living expert, an author, and a speaker. She is also the founder of For Her Information Media, LLC.  She lives in Chicago with her husband and her three sons.

Do You Embrace Accountability in Your Parenting? Parenting the QBQ Way with John Miller

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Do you ever wonder why your kids won’t follow your directions? Why they talk back? Why they seem to think that mom and dad should get them the newest gadgets, toys and things?

If you find yourself frequently asking “why are they…”, then maybe it’s time to start asking different questions.  It’s time to embrace our own accountability in our parenting.  It’s time to start asking ourselves how and what we can do to be the best parents we can be.

John G. Miller of, author of the QBQ! series joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share the principle of personal accountability to the important job we have as parents.  His principles from his latest book Parenting the QBQ! Way has us asking ourselves the right questions as we walk the parenting path. It help us as parents to embrace and model personal accountability to our children.  Personal accountability is key to being outstanding in all that we do.

As parents, we have an impact on how our children are able to cope with the world.  Although there are things that are inherent in them, and things that are beyond our control, we do have a huge impact on them in the way we parent them.  Our primary job as a  parent is to equip them to be independent, responsible for them selves, and accountable for their decisions and actions.  But, all of those things start with us.

Through the basic QBQ! methodology, John shows us how we start with ourselves – taking a look at how we are parenting and what we are modeling to our children. He shared the three main elements of the QBQ! way of thinking. They are:

  • Asking ourselves better questions.
  • Using the personal pronoun “I”.
  • Taking action.
Click the listening link above to hear the entire broadcast and more great discussion about embracing personal accountability in our parenting.

John G. Miller is the founder of QBQ, Inc., an organizational development firm built on the core value of becoming outstanding through embracing personal accountability.  John is the author of QBQ!, Flipping the SwitchOutstandingSpecks and Planks, and Don’t Just talk, Be Heard! In addition to authoring six books, and to speaking to and working with countless organizations to help them be outstanding through accountability, John and his wife Karen have raised 7 children.

Parenting the QBQ! Way is available in an easy to read e-book format to fit most any e-reader or to download and read on your PC.


College Bound and Gagged with Dr. Nancy Berk

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Do you feel like you are about to lose your sanity as you are trying to help your kid find their path?  Is the war of the ages playing out in your household as you navigate the battlegrounds of relationships, finance, and the college application process?

Nancy Berk Ph.D, joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her funny, but informative take on helping your kid get into college without losing your savings, your relationship, or your mind.  Having gone through the process twice herself, and having the insight of a therapist AND college professor, Nancy’s comedic approach and explanation of the process is sure to put a grin on your face and lighten the dark night of the college prep experience. She shared her humor and her expertise with us on Mom of Many Hats Radio!

Getting our kids off to college is a learning curve.  Even if we have more than one child and have gone through the process before, we are still stressed about the process. Dr. Nancy Berk advises us about how we can manage that stress. She gave us the following tips:

  • We should realize that there is more than one perfect place for our child – and to remind our child of that.  If we or our kids think that there is a single perfect place, we are setting ourselves up for disaster.
  • As parents, we have anxiety about our kids taking their SATs and ACTs, but our kids have just as much or even more. We need to relax and contain our anxiety to help them through it.
  • As parents we have dreams about where and what they should be, but in reality, it is their dream, not ours. As parents we need to back off and for the most part let them drive the process
  • We need to understand and see where we need to direct, push and pull a bit to keep the process going –  our life  experience and management skills can help them meet deadlines.  But, our children will be successful in the process if we allow them to drive the process, write their own essays, and do some of the problem solving and investigating in the process.
  • What we can do as parents is work with our kids strengths and weaknesses to help them find the right place, maintain a good relationship with them, and maintain some of our  savings.
To listen to the entire broadcast, click the listening link above. 

Dr. Nancy Berk is an award-winning humorist who puts life on the couch for a laugh. A stand-up comic armed with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and the skills of a therapist, professor, and researcher, she’s been described as “Dr. Phil meets Tina Fey”. Her latest book COLLEGE BOUND AND GAGGED: How to Help Your Kid Get into a Great College without Losing Your Savings, Your Relationship, or Your Mind, tackles the tightrope millions of parents walk during the college process by throwing them a net and some laughs. Her book can be found at Amazon. To enjoy more of her humor about life and her insight, visit Whine at 9 – her weekly podcast.

Breaking Through the Lies That Women Tell Themselves with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith 3/16/12

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Do you have dreams and aspirations only to find yourself doubting your abilities?  Do you minimize or second guess your ability? Do you feel bound and stuck, and don’t know how to move past the barriers holding you in place?

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to talk about the 7 Lies women tell themselves, holding them back from fulfillment and happiness. Dr. Dalton-Smith will discussed her book, Set Free To Live Free - BreakingThrough the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves , and shared how women can break free of mental ties that keep us from living free and living out our dreams.

In her Medical Practice, Dr. Dalton-Smith would encounter women that were looking for something to cure their malaise- a similar condition that affected many of them. Many felt unhappy, frustrated, down, and alone.  Drawing from her experience as a Doctor and as a woman and a mom, Dr. Dalton-Smith identified mental blocks- or lies, that women get caught up in. Those lies create a feeling of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment.


Among the lies that women tell themselves are:

  • Perfection
  • Envy
  • Image
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Emotions
  • Limits

Breaking Free!

Dr. Dalton-Smith also shares five stages that women can embrace to help them break free of the lies and step into freedom.

  • Illumination
  • Activation
  • Transitioning
  • Expulsion
  • Detachment

About Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Dr.  Dalton-Smith is a board-certified internal medicine physician who has been actively practicing medicine since 1999. She serves in the medical and academic communities through medical practice as well as teaching. She is passionate about teaching women freedom through Christ and has is a published author writing about the physicians role in spirituality and patient care.

To listen to the full episode and to learn more about  Set Free To Live Free - BreakingThrough the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves , Click on the listening links provided above.  For a quick view and purchase information, click here!

Discover Organizing With Jill Yesko! 2/24/12

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Tired of living with the stress of too

much “stuff?”

Discover how wonderful it feels to free up your mind to focus on the creative and important decisions instead of worrying about juggling clutter! ~ Discover Organizing Inc.

Jill Yesko of Discover Organizing joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to talk about the benefits of organization.  Jill shared tips on where to start when it seems too big of a task to tackle, how we can take small steps to reach our organizational goals, and how organizing can help open up creativity.

Organization can help to combat the chaos in our everyday lives.  By organizing, we can recapture calm and clarity in homes and businesses. Clearing out, cleaning up, and creating a place for the things that we feel we need in our spaces brings order and structure  in day to day functioning. Organization creates a structure and routine that frees our environment and our minds to concentrate on and nurture things other than our “stuff.”

But, organizing is sometimes a challenge - especially when the task seems so big.

Jill shared some great tips for starting the organization process. Among those tips were:

  • Start in a place of your own sanctuary – ie. the master bedroom
  • Set and state small reachable goals – not a general broad stated goal
  • Use a four box system – Keep, Toss, Sell, Donate
  • Use clear boxes for storing and organizing

Jill is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. The goal of her company, Discover Organizing is to make lives better through sharing and teaching organization skills and pracitices both in the home and in the workplace!

To hear more about Jill and Discover Organizing, follow the listening links above.  There are great tips and information waiting for you to help you get started on organizing your space, and simplifying your life!

Candy Hearts, Valentines, and Loving Your Kids

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February 14th is just around the corner…

It’s the day we celebrate LOVE!

For a sweet heart, we send candy, flowers, a romantic note, make  a special dinner to espress our love. Billions of candy hearts with little sayings that fly about in this second week of February with expressions of love and desire give sentiments of sweetness and romance.  Love is in the air, on our minds and in the store.  It is a potpourri of chocolate, love notes, longings and affection.

But how do we express our love to our kids? How do we define it? Can we define it?

On this special day of love, we give them little love notes made of hearts with x’s and o’s.  As parents we purchase their Valentines day cards, help them decorate their Valentine party mailbox, and send them off with sweets for their friends.  We even send our share of those billions of candy hearts – which, by the way, I contend we should sort through before sending them with the little ones (have you seen some of those sayings?) Do we save our expression of love for one day in February?

Of course we love our children; that is what we DO as parents. But we can’t really define what that means.  We can find other adjectives that describe it, but LOVE can’t really be contained and pinned down.  It doesn’t really stand as an adjective, and not really a noun.  It’s more of a verb – an action word, an expression. Love is action that we take every day in the raising of our children.  It is in boundaries and limits, fostering creativity, knowing where they are, letting them fail, and loving them through it.  Love is an active thing that we do AND say. Our children may not always like the actions that show we love them at the moment, but they will look back and know they were loved.  The

Listen to today’s full broadcast as Angie Mozilo, Mom of Many Hats shares what she has learned in her journey in parenthood, about actively loving her children every day.  She dedicates this episode to her three beautiful daughters whom she loves unceasingly, whether it is Valentine’s day or not.

Planet Explorers – Learning Adventure! 4th Friday

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Do you love to travel?  Do you love to travel with your kids?

We travel with our children for a lot of different reasons.  Often times it is out of necessity to visit family or attend a particular event.  Sometimes it is because we are contemplating a move and are getting a feel for the area.  Sometimes, it is just for fun!

For whatever the reason, travel can always be an adventure and time for learning.  Laura Schaefer, author of the Planet Explorers Series joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her innovated and creative approach to making travel a fun, educational, and interactive experience.  Through combining today’s mobile technologies with the natural curiosity of kids,  Laura has created a fantastic travel companion that will keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more about the places they are visiting.

The Planet Explorer’s series is a collection of E-Book interactive travel guides that can be downloaded to just about any handheld mobile communication device, or PC.  The books are a great way to learn about a destination before traveling, or while visiting a travel destination.  The guide is geared toward the 3rd to 4th grade audience.  It is an easy to read and interactive way to get kids interested in the sights they are seeing.  The book contains links to local landmarks, points of interest, and information on local culture and icons. Information is at the touch of a screen, engaging the kids in the electronic world they are immersed in, yet enhances the experience of being out in the world as they learn about travel spots, not just by seeing them, but by learning about them too.

Laura began writing professionally in 2001 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin.  In addition to ten e-book Planet Explorers Books, Laura is also the author of The Teashop Girls (Simon & Schuster, 2008) and the Secret Ingredient (2011).  She developed a love for travel as a child as she traveled with her family.  She shares that love today through Planet Explorers. Her love of writing, and her creative spirit lead  her to the path that she is on now – creating an educational travel experience.  She is truly drawn to this project and is able to follow her heart, and her creative spirit in bringing destinations and learning adventures to the hands and minds of kids.

Currently there are 10 Planet Explorers guides available.  They include cities, theme parks, and cruise adventures.  She hopes to bring to collection to 25 in the near future and expand the destinations to include more cities, and national parks as well.  To see the available titles visit Planet Explorers on Amazon, or her Planet Explorers Site. To learn about her other writings, visit

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Fit in 2012! Fitness Tips with Fitness Coach Dana Neve

Dana Neve, Fitness Coach

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Fit in 2012!

With the new year, many people make fitness goals.  Did you?

Fitness goals are often so hard to keep.  When it comes to our fitness, it is an area that we often give up on.  It is an area that so full of choices, and we have to make the right ones, from our food, to our lifestyle, to our activity.  It gets tough sometimes, because we can’t cut out food, lifestyle, or activities.  None of them are out of sight and out of mind.  We just have to choose the healthy way. With so many options in front of us, how do we make the right choices? How do we choose to have a healthy meal instead of fast food? How do we decide to move our bodies instead of sitting on the couch?

Fitness Isn’t Limited to the Gym!

Fitness Coach Dana Neve shared her passion for fitness and health by sharing her own fitness story and fitness routine. Through the use of at home programs, she showed us that being fit doesn’t have to be done at the gym.  Through using the tools and programs available, and through having accountability to a coach or workout partner, the path of fitness is just one step away. Dana shared a wealth of information as we discussed 10 fitness facts, regarding the importance, the physical and overall well being benefits, and the ease at which we can all start a healthy lifestyle – even if we are starting from square one.

Re-frame How We See Fitness 

As a motivator and teacher of healthy living and getting the body moving,  Dana reminds us that our health and fitness is a priority that deserves a regular spot in our appointment books.  Through taking the viewpoint of food as fuel for our bodies and realizing that our fitness goals are 80%what we eat, we can re-frame how we see food – that junk food and good tasting, satisfying food are not the same thing. When we open up our minds and taste buds, we can find a whole new world of foods that give us better gas mileage in our daily living. She also shared that progress in our fitness should be measured in how we feel and in inches, not in the daily number on a scale.

How do you Learn More About This Topic and About Dana?

Listen to the full broadcast HERE.  It is also available on ITunes FREE so you can take it with you and listen as you are on the path to fitness!

Dana Neve

Dana is a New Orleans native living in the Twin Cities for the past eighteen years with her husband and two teenage daughters.  She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, runner, fitness coach, motivator, speaker, fitness writer and avid spectator of her kids’ sports. Fitness has always been a part of her life, but it wasn’t until 2000 that she became passionate about it.  After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and having a negative reaction to the medication prescribed, she decided to control the symptoms with exercise and proper nutrition.  The results were life changing and it has become her mission to help others lead longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives through fitness and nutrition.  She coaches people around the country developing nutrition plans and recommending workout programs for her clients, while motivating and supporting them along the way.

She is dedicated to helping people reach their health and fitness goals and would love to help you too. Find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and visit her website

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New Year Financial Resolutions with Jerry Citarella – First Friday Finance!

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The New Year is upon us! 

Did you make resolutions? Were any of those resolutions regarding finances?

The new year is a fresh start and a chance to take a fresh look at things in our lives.  One of the areas we should look at is our finances.  As the new calendar year starts, making assessments of financial heath and identifying changes can help start the year off on a good path.  Looking at household budgets, large purchases or savings goals, and retirement plans is a wise and responsible financial task that we should not shy away from.

But looking at and assessing finances can be a difficult and daunting task.  We may see things we don’t want to see.  We may need to make changes that we don’t want to make.  Even if our financial health looks good, it is always prudent to revisit our financial plans and goals. Where ever the health of our finances stand, we should not be afraid to dig in, and not be afraid to ask the opinion of a financial professional.

Guest Jerry Citarella – Financial Professional

Jerry R. Citarella of Infinity Wealth Management, and author of The Truth Helps Series, joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to discuss how we can navigate our New Years Financial resolutions. Jerry has 20 years experience in the financial services industry and has been a trainer and speaker on various fianancial topics. From what types of goals to set, to managing budgets and purchases, to where to start when your finances seem overwhelming, Jerry will offer advice and discussion on setting ourselves on the path to financial health.

Although each person’s financial planning and situation is unique and should be discussed with a professional individually, Jerry offered some general advice on how we can set ourselves on a path to meeting our financial goals.  A few of the take-aways from the broadcast include:

  • A good place to look at  when making financial goals is at spending habits.
  • Separate needs and wants.
  • Be realistic about your financial situation and seek out unbiased opinions.
  • Create accountability for yourself in reaching your goals.
  • Be patient in reaching your goals.
  • It’s never too early to start saving for large life expenses and retirement.
  • When you are choosing a financial professional, if they are not asking you the hard questions, you may want to keep looking.
You Can Be a Winner!

Along with the great advice, we have two opportunities for you to win a copy of Jerry’s book – The Truth Helps.  Answer one of the following questions and submit your answer to Mom of Many Hats Radio through the contact e-mail. The first correct answers received via e-mail will be winning entries.  E-mails will be accepted and answered until until the sooner of February 6, 2012 or until both questions have been answered correctly.

1. On average, how much of their disposable incomes do Americans spend? (Answer is in the broadcast)

2. In what year was Jerry inspired to write about truth in the financial planning process? (Answer is in the broadcast or on Jerry’s site.)

Good luck and good financial planning!

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