College Bound and Gagged with Dr. Nancy Berk

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Do you feel like you are about to lose your sanity as you are trying to help your kid find their path?  Is the war of the ages playing out in your household as you navigate the battlegrounds of relationships, finance, and the college application process?

Nancy Berk Ph.D, joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share her funny, but informative take on helping your kid get into college without losing your savings, your relationship, or your mind.  Having gone through the process twice herself, and having the insight of a therapist AND college professor, Nancy’s comedic approach and explanation of the process is sure to put a grin on your face and lighten the dark night of the college prep experience. She shared her humor and her expertise with us on Mom of Many Hats Radio!

Getting our kids off to college is a learning curve.  Even if we have more than one child and have gone through the process before, we are still stressed about the process. Dr. Nancy Berk advises us about how we can manage that stress. She gave us the following tips:

  • We should realize that there is more than one perfect place for our child – and to remind our child of that.  If we or our kids think that there is a single perfect place, we are setting ourselves up for disaster.
  • As parents, we have anxiety about our kids taking their SATs and ACTs, but our kids have just as much or even more. We need to relax and contain our anxiety to help them through it.
  • As parents we have dreams about where and what they should be, but in reality, it is their dream, not ours. As parents we need to back off and for the most part let them drive the process
  • We need to understand and see where we need to direct, push and pull a bit to keep the process going –  our life  experience and management skills can help them meet deadlines.  But, our children will be successful in the process if we allow them to drive the process, write their own essays, and do some of the problem solving and investigating in the process.
  • What we can do as parents is work with our kids strengths and weaknesses to help them find the right place, maintain a good relationship with them, and maintain some of our  savings.
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Dr. Nancy Berk is an award-winning humorist who puts life on the couch for a laugh. A stand-up comic armed with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and the skills of a therapist, professor, and researcher, she’s been described as “Dr. Phil meets Tina Fey”. Her latest book COLLEGE BOUND AND GAGGED: How to Help Your Kid Get into a Great College without Losing Your Savings, Your Relationship, or Your Mind, tackles the tightrope millions of parents walk during the college process by throwing them a net and some laughs. Her book can be found at Amazon. To enjoy more of her humor about life and her insight, visit Whine at 9 – her weekly podcast.

My Kid is Going To College! How Am I Going To Pay For It??

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Do you have a child heading off to college in the fall?  Are you stressed over the costs?  Does the idea of finding financial aid overwhelm you? 

Jodi Okun of  College Financial Advisors joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to discuss the daunting and often confusing process funding a college education for your child.  She shared her tips and knowledge of the processes, the resources, and the challenges that families face as they walk through the financial aid maze.

With all of the different types of financial aid and college funding options, understanding what you should apply for and what you may qualify for is not easy.  Jodi shared the difference between needs based, free money, and self help money options for financing college. She also shared the importance of filling out the proper financial aid forms  - the FAFSA  and often times also the CSS profile.

Jodi shared the following tips with our listeners:

  • Parents should include the students in on the college finance conversations
  • Parents and students should understand the terms of the aid ie: if it is a loan, when re-payment is to begin
  • To find grants and scholarship options, do a search in your browser for the type you are looking for. There are all kinds of grants and scholarships out there!
  • Apply, Apply, Apply for scholarships. Prior to college, use summer and winter breaks to fill out applications.  Continue to apply after college starts – there are funds out there for students already in college!
  • Look at sites such as Zinch, FinAid, and FastWeb for financial aid opportunities.
About Jodi Okun

Jodi is the founder of College Financial Aid Consultants where she helps families through the daunting and often confusing process of procuring financial aid. Through her guidance, families and students learn about different types of financial aid such as grants, loans and scholarships. Her assistance helps to ease the process of seeking out assistance, and filling out the multitude of forms required for application. She streamlines and organizes the process by helping families with timelines and meeting deadlines, and by walking them through this milestone step in their child’s and the family’s life.

Jodi is a Financial Aid Consultant at Occidental College and the host of the weekly Twitter Chat #CollegeCash at 10:00 PM EST each Thursday.

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New Year Financial Resolutions with Jerry Citarella – First Friday Finance!

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The New Year is upon us! 

Did you make resolutions? Were any of those resolutions regarding finances?

The new year is a fresh start and a chance to take a fresh look at things in our lives.  One of the areas we should look at is our finances.  As the new calendar year starts, making assessments of financial heath and identifying changes can help start the year off on a good path.  Looking at household budgets, large purchases or savings goals, and retirement plans is a wise and responsible financial task that we should not shy away from.

But looking at and assessing finances can be a difficult and daunting task.  We may see things we don’t want to see.  We may need to make changes that we don’t want to make.  Even if our financial health looks good, it is always prudent to revisit our financial plans and goals. Where ever the health of our finances stand, we should not be afraid to dig in, and not be afraid to ask the opinion of a financial professional.

Guest Jerry Citarella – Financial Professional

Jerry R. Citarella of Infinity Wealth Management, and author of The Truth Helps Series, joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to discuss how we can navigate our New Years Financial resolutions. Jerry has 20 years experience in the financial services industry and has been a trainer and speaker on various fianancial topics. From what types of goals to set, to managing budgets and purchases, to where to start when your finances seem overwhelming, Jerry will offer advice and discussion on setting ourselves on the path to financial health.

Although each person’s financial planning and situation is unique and should be discussed with a professional individually, Jerry offered some general advice on how we can set ourselves on a path to meeting our financial goals.  A few of the take-aways from the broadcast include:

  • A good place to look at  when making financial goals is at spending habits.
  • Separate needs and wants.
  • Be realistic about your financial situation and seek out unbiased opinions.
  • Create accountability for yourself in reaching your goals.
  • Be patient in reaching your goals.
  • It’s never too early to start saving for large life expenses and retirement.
  • When you are choosing a financial professional, if they are not asking you the hard questions, you may want to keep looking.
You Can Be a Winner!

Along with the great advice, we have two opportunities for you to win a copy of Jerry’s book – The Truth Helps.  Answer one of the following questions and submit your answer to Mom of Many Hats Radio through the contact e-mail. The first correct answers received via e-mail will be winning entries.  E-mails will be accepted and answered until until the sooner of February 6, 2012 or until both questions have been answered correctly.

1. On average, how much of their disposable incomes do Americans spend? (Answer is in the broadcast)

2. In what year was Jerry inspired to write about truth in the financial planning process? (Answer is in the broadcast or on Jerry’s site.)

Good luck and good financial planning!

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Wine and Paracord – They Both Make Great Gifts! SaucySpirits and 550SurvivalGear 1st FRI Finance


So What do Wine and Paracord Have In Common?

They both make great holiday gifts!

Mom of Many Hats Radio had the pleasure of having two fantastic companies share their products on Friday’s show.  Saucy Spirits, a wine jelly company, and 550 Survival Gear, a paracord accessory company, shared their products and their company stories with our listeners.

A Saucy and Fun Gift!

Saucy Spirits was born out of 11 year old Ryan’s interest in creative cooking recipes.  In the summer of 2010, his interest became a business when he began to experiment with making wine jelly.  With the help of Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, Ryan- The  creative Jelly Man, and his mom Tiffany- administrator of the business, were able to fund SaucySpirits and expand their ability to market and distribute the product.

Ryan is very inquisitive and researched the ingredients – the wines, herbs, and spices, that he would use in his jelly recipes.  He learned about and tried flavor pairings.  He also researched foods in general.  He has used his knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a delicious line of organic wine jellies that are fantastic as jellies, but also versatile and delicious in many other recipes and uses. Additional uses are listed on the sides of the jars as well as on the SuacySpirits site.

Ryan shared that he has learned a lot about business in since starting Saucy Spirits.  He has learned about entrepreneurship as well as the time and commitment it takes to run a successful  business.  When I asked him about it being a lot of work, he said “It depends how  you look at it.  Other people might think of it as a lot of work, but I like doing it so it doesn’t seem like hard work since I enjoy it.” He also wants to let kids everywhere know that any kid can do what he has done and that you don’t have to be an adult to be an entrepreneur.  Proud mom Tiffany, shared that she was always taught to be creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. She wanted to pass that along to her son and have him see that you can start a business without having to borrow and start out in debt.  Through some great mom guidance and KickStarter,  Saucy Spirits is a funded  start-up

To learn more about the flavors, recipes, and to order Saucy Spirits Wine Jelly, you can visit follow  on twitter @saucyspirits, as well as Saucy Spirits can also be reached via phone at 678.373.5062, or email at

A Gift That Can Bind, in a Bind!

550 Survival Gear also joined  us to share a unique and multi purpose product for anyone on your gift list.  Ted and Valerie Venable began 550 Survival Gear, a paracord accessory company after seeing similar products at outdoor recreational shows.  They were not impressed with the price,quality of the product or materials.  Using their creativity and knowledge of active out door lifestyles, they created a line of affordable high quality paracord survival bracelets, key chains, dog leashes and dog collars that are both fashionable as an accessory, but also functional in a time of need.

All of the accessories that 550 Survival Gear offers are customizable to meet your needs. Colors, styles, add-ons (such as dog tags, ids, or watch faces), and clasps can be chosen by you, the consumer.  Each one is hand made using 7ft to approximately 14ft of  550 lb parachute chord – the same type used by the military.  The cord is made of seven strands of  nylon chord wrapped in a 1/4″ nylon sleeve. It is soft, comfortable and strong. Yet, it a time of need, it can be unraveled to become a valuable survival tool.

These accessories make an affordable and great fashion statement as well as a great survival tool in the wilds of the great outdoors or the wilds of suburbia!

To find and purchase 550 Survival Gear paracord accessories, you can visit the 550 Survival Gear Etsy Shop at or email them directly at  For those in the Phoenix, AZ area, they will be at the Desert Ridge Farmer’s Market at City North on December 18, 2011 with stock available for purchase.

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Make Working From Home Work For You! 1St Friday Finance with Martha Giffen

Have you ever wanted to work from home but didn’t know how to get started? Has the though of working from home seemed intimidating?  Have you wondered about the benefits and challenges of working from home?

Martha Giffen, author of Be Social Be Rich shared how moms and all women can successfully navigate the work from home world.  She shared her story of how she came to work from home, how she managed, family, supporting her husband in his successful businesses, and being successful in her work from home endeavors.  She  shared with us tips, advice and wisdom that will help anyone know how to be successful in working from home.

Martha navigated the work at home world in one way or another since her children were small. From telemarketing for a funeral home to selling encyclopedias, Martha was able to use her gift of connecting with people to help grow her business. She helped her husband grow his business, and eventually stepped out in her own from home professional endeavors. One of those endeavors was authoring an Amazon Best Seller book Be Social Be Rich.  Her book helps business owners to navigate the social media world to expand their reach, build relationships, and find support in growing business.

Martha shared some tips and wisdom that can help moms and anyone start on a successful path to making working from home work for you.

Find what you are good at and that is what you are supposed to do! When you know what you are good at and pursue a business that uses those strengths, you will have a natural success at it!

Find a space to carve out just for you and for your business! Dedicating a space puts you and your family in the mindset that when you are in that space it is time for you (mom’s time) to work on the business.

Embrace the skills that you have honed being a mom and a manager of your household! As moms we manage schedules, finances, problem solve, prioritize, we are organized and we are dedicated to getting our “job” done.  Those skills (and others we hone as moms) translate directly into the skills needed to be successful at working from home.

Engage with others! As moms and generally as women, we are relational.  Use your relational nature to build connections and friendships.

Use social media platforms to extent your relational reach! Create bonds and friendships in online communities.  Those connections often translate into support for your business, potential customers and opportunities (relationship marketing).  Even if there are not many business  connections you will be richer in that you have connected and engaged with a larger group of people.

To see Martha’s book Be Social Be Rich visit . To learn more about Martha and how she can inspire and help you to manage your business and how you can work with her,  visit

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Third Friday Creativity Hat! Ann Skydell Harmon of Ann-Made 9/23

Click the image to visit Ann-Made !

I was first introduced to  Ann Skydell Harmon of Ann-Made through an article in First Magazine article (June 6, 2011 issue) that featured her and her company.  I knew then that I just had to have her on the Mom of Many Hats Radio Show. I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with Ann on today’s show and we had a wonderful time.  My impression of her was confirmed. Ann embodies what it is to be a mom of many hats.  Her outlook is exactly what the Mom of Many Hats Radio Show strives to illuminate – that as women and moms, we have many roles and experiences and they are all valuable.

Ann shared with us the story of how her company Ann-Made was born out of her work with special needs and at risk kids. Her goal as an art teacher was to teach them to use creativity to think through life’s everyday problems.  Through art and creative problem solving, she wanted to give them a different lens to see life’s issues through. In a classroom project, she found the creative outlet and product that brought her to where she is now – a socially and environmentally responsible business owner. She utilized creative strategies to create her company, and provides those that help her a creative outlet to better themselves.

Besides being a company that does good and responsible works, Ann-Made pieces are unique, beautiful, and made with quality in mind.  Ann uses her creativity and her graphic arts experience to create designs that are eye catching and different than anything you will see. The pieces are produced by a group of women that benefit from the employment opportunity, with materials that are obtained responsibly.  From production to the sale of her jewelry, the positive ripple effect is a wonderful contribution to the world.

To see Ann’s work visit!

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First Friday Finance! Baby Clothes Network 9/2/11

Click the BCN Logo to join the network that can help you save lots of money on clothing your little ones!

How much do you spend each month on clothes for your little ones?

As moms, one of our jobs is to make sure our children are clothed in attire appropriate for the seasons.  But, as fast as the little ones grow, we are constantly running out to the stores and spending a fortune on clothing that fits. It can make juggling our finance hat a bit challenging!

Patrick Knauer of Baby Clothes Network (BCN) joined us this week to show us how we can save on the cost of clothing our little ones as well as re-purposing the clothing they have grown out of. Through the innovative idea of online clothing exchange, BCN provides a tool to connect moms who want to pass along barely used clothes to moms who are looking for quality and convenience for a great price! Through the use of flat rate shipping, BCN is able to provide a place where moms can find like new clothing for about $1 a piece. You can’t beat that price!

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