Do You Love to Eat? Beth Aldrich on Mom of Many Hats Radio 04/20/12

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Are you too busy to be healthy? Do you think that in order to eat healthy has to be a battle between you, your will, and the taste buds of your family?

Beth Aldrich, healthy living and nutrition expert, joinrf Mom of Many Hats Radio to shed light on how we can transform our eating habits, and our attitude about food.  In her expertise, she knows that as real moms, we love food and we love to eat.  We don’t want to feel deprived as we move to a healthy lifestyle, and we certainly don’t want to battle our families either. Beth shared her strategies from her book Real Moms Love to Eat, that can help us realize that our love affair with food doesn’t have to come to an end, just so we can get back on the healthy track.

We All Have Issues! 

Beth addressed many issues that moms and women in general face when trying to adopt a healthy eating and living lifestyle.  Getting ourselves on track and our families on board isn’t always an easy task! In this broadcast Mom of Many Hats – Angie, and Beth discussed many sticking points as well as tips to get over the stumbling blocks to healthy eating. Some of the issues we talked about were:

  • Take small steps in making changes to a healthier food lifestyle. Too much change at once can be overwhelming.
  • Focus on the things you can do – empower your decisions.  Focusing on the “can’ts” can make the change much tougher.
  • Realize that we are in dysfunctional relationships with many of our favorite food friends (salt, sugar, carbs, fats).  We need to evaluate them and make them  healthy relationships.
  • Our relationship with food is often a very emotional one.  We need to address emotions attached to food and see if there is anything we need to change about the reasons we need or crave particular foods.
Beth also shared her favorite recipes from the extensive list of recipes provided in her book.  Her mouth watering recipes are sure to tempt even the pickiest of eaters!
About Beth Aldrich

Beth Aldrich is the Author of Real Moms Love to Eat. the founder and a certified Health Coach.  She is a green living expert, an author, and a speaker. She is also the founder of For Her Information Media, LLC.  She lives in Chicago with her husband and her three sons.

Wine and Paracord – They Both Make Great Gifts! SaucySpirits and 550SurvivalGear 1st FRI Finance


So What do Wine and Paracord Have In Common?

They both make great holiday gifts!

Mom of Many Hats Radio had the pleasure of having two fantastic companies share their products on Friday’s show.  Saucy Spirits, a wine jelly company, and 550 Survival Gear, a paracord accessory company, shared their products and their company stories with our listeners.

A Saucy and Fun Gift!

Saucy Spirits was born out of 11 year old Ryan’s interest in creative cooking recipes.  In the summer of 2010, his interest became a business when he began to experiment with making wine jelly.  With the help of Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, Ryan- The  creative Jelly Man, and his mom Tiffany- administrator of the business, were able to fund SaucySpirits and expand their ability to market and distribute the product.

Ryan is very inquisitive and researched the ingredients – the wines, herbs, and spices, that he would use in his jelly recipes.  He learned about and tried flavor pairings.  He also researched foods in general.  He has used his knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a delicious line of organic wine jellies that are fantastic as jellies, but also versatile and delicious in many other recipes and uses. Additional uses are listed on the sides of the jars as well as on the SuacySpirits site.

Ryan shared that he has learned a lot about business in since starting Saucy Spirits.  He has learned about entrepreneurship as well as the time and commitment it takes to run a successful  business.  When I asked him about it being a lot of work, he said “It depends how  you look at it.  Other people might think of it as a lot of work, but I like doing it so it doesn’t seem like hard work since I enjoy it.” He also wants to let kids everywhere know that any kid can do what he has done and that you don’t have to be an adult to be an entrepreneur.  Proud mom Tiffany, shared that she was always taught to be creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit. She wanted to pass that along to her son and have him see that you can start a business without having to borrow and start out in debt.  Through some great mom guidance and KickStarter,  Saucy Spirits is a funded  start-up

To learn more about the flavors, recipes, and to order Saucy Spirits Wine Jelly, you can visit follow  on twitter @saucyspirits, as well as Saucy Spirits can also be reached via phone at 678.373.5062, or email at

A Gift That Can Bind, in a Bind!

550 Survival Gear also joined  us to share a unique and multi purpose product for anyone on your gift list.  Ted and Valerie Venable began 550 Survival Gear, a paracord accessory company after seeing similar products at outdoor recreational shows.  They were not impressed with the price,quality of the product or materials.  Using their creativity and knowledge of active out door lifestyles, they created a line of affordable high quality paracord survival bracelets, key chains, dog leashes and dog collars that are both fashionable as an accessory, but also functional in a time of need.

All of the accessories that 550 Survival Gear offers are customizable to meet your needs. Colors, styles, add-ons (such as dog tags, ids, or watch faces), and clasps can be chosen by you, the consumer.  Each one is hand made using 7ft to approximately 14ft of  550 lb parachute chord – the same type used by the military.  The cord is made of seven strands of  nylon chord wrapped in a 1/4″ nylon sleeve. It is soft, comfortable and strong. Yet, it a time of need, it can be unraveled to become a valuable survival tool.

These accessories make an affordable and great fashion statement as well as a great survival tool in the wilds of the great outdoors or the wilds of suburbia!

To find and purchase 550 Survival Gear paracord accessories, you can visit the 550 Survival Gear Etsy Shop at or email them directly at  For those in the Phoenix, AZ area, they will be at the Desert Ridge Farmer’s Market at City North on December 18, 2011 with stock available for purchase.

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