Do You Embrace Accountability in Your Parenting? Parenting the QBQ Way with John Miller

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Do you ever wonder why your kids won’t follow your directions? Why they talk back? Why they seem to think that mom and dad should get them the newest gadgets, toys and things?

If you find yourself frequently asking “why are they…”, then maybe it’s time to start asking different questions.  It’s time to embrace our own accountability in our parenting.  It’s time to start asking ourselves how and what we can do to be the best parents we can be.

John G. Miller of, author of the QBQ! series joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to share the principle of personal accountability to the important job we have as parents.  His principles from his latest book Parenting the QBQ! Way has us asking ourselves the right questions as we walk the parenting path. It help us as parents to embrace and model personal accountability to our children.  Personal accountability is key to being outstanding in all that we do.

As parents, we have an impact on how our children are able to cope with the world.  Although there are things that are inherent in them, and things that are beyond our control, we do have a huge impact on them in the way we parent them.  Our primary job as a  parent is to equip them to be independent, responsible for them selves, and accountable for their decisions and actions.  But, all of those things start with us.

Through the basic QBQ! methodology, John shows us how we start with ourselves – taking a look at how we are parenting and what we are modeling to our children. He shared the three main elements of the QBQ! way of thinking. They are:

  • Asking ourselves better questions.
  • Using the personal pronoun “I”.
  • Taking action.
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John G. Miller is the founder of QBQ, Inc., an organizational development firm built on the core value of becoming outstanding through embracing personal accountability.  John is the author of QBQ!, Flipping the SwitchOutstandingSpecks and Planks, and Don’t Just talk, Be Heard! In addition to authoring six books, and to speaking to and working with countless organizations to help them be outstanding through accountability, John and his wife Karen have raised 7 children.

Parenting the QBQ! Way is available in an easy to read e-book format to fit most any e-reader or to download and read on your PC.


Fund the Farm – Giving Back 2nd Friday Parenting

To listen now, click here  ->  Fund the Farm, Giving Back . Join us as Amber talks about her dreams, goals and vision for Fund the Farm, and to find out how you can be a part of this amazing project.

Giving Back

In the holiday season, how do you give back to the world? How do you show your children what giving back is? Do you limit your giving to your family, or do you extend it beyond your biological or family circle?

Today on Mom of Many Hats Radio, we spoke to Amber Singleton Riviere, who is giving back to the world in a wonderful way. She is also showing that parenting and the nurturing instinct is not simply dependent on biological connection, but on heart.

Fund the Farm

As the founder of Fund the Farm, Amber Singleton Riviere wanted to find a way to have a greater impact on foster care within the U.S.  After deciding to adopt a child of her own, it didn’t take long for her to decide it would be from foster care.  When she saw the number of kids who had been abused, abandoned, neglected, or for whatever reason ended up in foster care, she was at first overwhelmed and heartbroken.  Over time, though, she started to see that she had room for these kids or, rather, could make room, and so began the idea of Fund the Farm.

Amber shared her heart with as she told us about the process of being certified as a foster parent and of learning about the foster system.  In her experience, she learned that there are 500,000 kids a year in the foster system, many of them in sibling groups.  She also learned that a large number of kids “age out” of the system, never having had a place of permanence to call home.  This touched her and she realized that she could make a difference for many of these children if she had the proper space and environment.  Thus, the idea of the farm was born.

The farm will provide a sustainable and stable place for children in the foster system.  It will give them the things that they need to learn to sustain their basic needs – shelter, care, and learning about gardening, farming, and land. But it will also teach them about sustaining their ability to exist in the world through teaching them responsibility, teamwork, community, the value of fresh air and enjoying the outside time.  It will teach them about working hard, fitting in, and what it is to have a home, stability and a place to return to.

How You Can Be a Part of this Project

It is a lofty goal, but reachable.  As with any project, it requires funding.  Amber has created the Fund the Farm project on , where donors can contribute as little as $5 or as much as their heart leads them to.  Each contribution will make a difference in a child’s life not only today, but for years to come. To learn more about this fantastic project and how you can be a part of it, visit the site or click the video above.

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Second Friday Parenting Hat, The Severson Sisters Connections 10/14/11

Have you ever had to deal with bullying issues?  Have you ever wanted to know about some tools to help prevent it?

Carrie Severson of Severson Sisters Foundation shared with us about a fantastic program to bring awareness and prevention to bullying. As a result of her own life experience and life reflection, Carrie saw a need to change the way that girls interact with girls – a way to break through the “mean girl” syndrome.  Through creative arts, The Severson Sisters program – Connections, teaches girls to embrace the “Super Girl” within, understand that as girls, we are all in this together, and that they need to treat each other with understanding and respect.

Both boys and girls are bullied. But Carrie noticed that girls often bully in a “different” way.  She saw that the dynamic in girl bullying instances, peaking in the middle school years, is often about social power and needing a place in the group.  In power preservation mode, girls often use cutting and emotionally based words and actions to find some control and status. Connections helps the girls to recognize their own value and uniqueness through using positive words, positive actions and empowering activities. They share stories and experiences to help build understanding and empathy for what others are going through and how bullying behavior impacts others.  The creative arts component of the program help the girls to express what they are feeling and experiencing in a different way than just talk – something that bullying victims are often hesitant to do.

Carrie gave us some signs to help us recognize if  a child that is being bullied or that may be engaging in bullying behavior:

  • They withdraw from social functions with friends.
  • They seem depressed.
  • They suddenly want to miss school.
  • They stop enjoying the activities they used to do.
  • They feel suddenly incapable in areas that they had been confident in.
  • If they are engaging in bullying behavior, they may have been through a trauma in another area of life.

If you would like to know more about the Severson Sisters Connections Program click on the logo above or visit the Severson Sisters Site . To listen to the Mom of Many  Hats Radio Show featuring the Carrie Severson of the Severson Sisters Foundation, click HERE! Broadcasts are also available as FREE Itunes downloads.  Just click the sidebar Itunes Mom!

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Third Friday Creativity Hat! Ann Skydell Harmon of Ann-Made 9/23

Click the image to visit Ann-Made !

I was first introduced to  Ann Skydell Harmon of Ann-Made through an article in First Magazine article (June 6, 2011 issue) that featured her and her company.  I knew then that I just had to have her on the Mom of Many Hats Radio Show. I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with Ann on today’s show and we had a wonderful time.  My impression of her was confirmed. Ann embodies what it is to be a mom of many hats.  Her outlook is exactly what the Mom of Many Hats Radio Show strives to illuminate – that as women and moms, we have many roles and experiences and they are all valuable.

Ann shared with us the story of how her company Ann-Made was born out of her work with special needs and at risk kids. Her goal as an art teacher was to teach them to use creativity to think through life’s everyday problems.  Through art and creative problem solving, she wanted to give them a different lens to see life’s issues through. In a classroom project, she found the creative outlet and product that brought her to where she is now – a socially and environmentally responsible business owner. She utilized creative strategies to create her company, and provides those that help her a creative outlet to better themselves.

Besides being a company that does good and responsible works, Ann-Made pieces are unique, beautiful, and made with quality in mind.  Ann uses her creativity and her graphic arts experience to create designs that are eye catching and different than anything you will see. The pieces are produced by a group of women that benefit from the employment opportunity, with materials that are obtained responsibly.  From production to the sale of her jewelry, the positive ripple effect is a wonderful contribution to the world.

To see Ann’s work visit!

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Healthy Living Hat! Running Moms Rock! 8/19

Click the Photo to support Running Moms Rock!

We need to don our healthy hats to be the best that we can be. It isn’t always easy to find the motivation to get out there and move our bodies.  Shouldn’t running after the kids and all of our household responsibilities be enough exercise to keep us fit?

This week Erika Westmoreland and Michelle Sedas of Running Moms Rock shared with us about staying healthy and happy through running and overall fitness. They reminded us that making time for being fit is not a selfish thing. Fitness should be a priority with it’s own slot on our daily schedules.  It is important to us and our own health, but also to that of our families and our communities. When we are in better health and staying fit, we have more energy, less stress, a better outlook on the day to day tasks of being a parents.  We provide a healthy example to our children and help to steer them into and attitude of healthy living. They also shared a fabulous saying that we can use to motivate us – A fit mom is a healthy mom is a happy mom.

In their shared love of running and fitness, their mothering hearts, and their care and love for children in the community, they have created a wonderful organization, Running Moms Rock . It not only promotes healthy living and empowering moms and families to exercise through an organized run, but benefits community organizations as well. The sponsored event benefits  the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County.

If you would like to support Running Moms Rock or it’s beneficiaries, you can do so by visiting their site. If you want to help spread the word in  your community, click the photo above to purchase a quality running hat that you can wear in support of healthy living and community service.

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