Tips for Nutrition -Third Friday Healthy Hat! Nicole La Placa of Lyrical Nutrition 9/16/11

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Do you ever feel like your hats are just a bit off balance?  Is it sometimes difficult and tiring to juggle them all?

Health Coach Nicole La Placa of Lyrical Nutrition joined us this week to talk about the role that good nutrition plays in our day to day activities. Nicole is the CEO, founder of Lyrical Nutrition.  She works with clients, individuals and groups to help people find a a healthy balance between diet and lifestyle. She shared tips for on the go snacking to keep your energy up, some of the pitfalls we encounter when we are trying to get a grasp on our nutrition, some easy ways to make changes to our nutritional habits,  and some of the factors that contribute to our nutritional challenges.

Nicole left us with some wonderful tips for working towards a healthier lifestyle and to to help us juggle all of our hats. Here are a few of them:

1. Set reachable goals. Celebrate when you get there. Set the next one. It’s the small steps that will get us there.

2. Fight the media images that impact how we think we should look or be.  We are all different and complex. We need to love ourselves for who we are and be the best that we are meant to be.

3. Use an 80/20 rule with nutrition. Eat great 80% of the time. Healthy eating is bot about perfection.

4. When traveling, take note of where grocery stores are so you can purchase healthy snacks instead of fast food options.

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