Monday Morning Moments

A Dragon in Your Dreams is Just a Little Lizard In The Daylight!

Is Exercising Your Right Always the Right or Best Thing to Do?

Happy Halloween!

Cyberbullying- Adults Need To Use Integrity Online!

Mourning the Loss of One We Didn’t Know, or the Loss of a Product We Think We Can’t Live Without?  Oct 11, 2011

Personal Accountability! Oct 3, 2011

Get out of the Box We’ve Built around us! 9/26/11

We Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made! 9/19/11

Each Day is a Gift 9/12/11

Reach Out 2 One 9/2/11

For project information please visit Reach Out 2 One

Letting them Go and Watching them Fly 8/29

This is my Monday Morning Moment.  What’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Moments

  1. Well said! Watching our kids soar, knowing that the primary job of a good parent is to equip his or her child with the skills necessary to thrive without him or her, but also letting them know our love for them is constant and forever. Bravo!

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