Angie’s Bio

Angie Mozilo is truly a Mom of Many Hats!

Angie (a.k.a. AZ Mom of Many Hats) juggles being a mom to her three fabulous daughters and a wife to her wonderful husband, being an employee, a student, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a regular moderator of teenage dispute, a taxi driver, a personal assistant, fixer of boo boos and broken hearts, a confidant, a counselor, a creator or memories, a cook, a creative genius, a maker of community, a life coach, a cheerleader, a medic, the CEO of my home….. all of the “Hats” that come along with being a mom!

Angie is also the author of AZ Mom of Many Hats Blog and, a regular “Mom” on MomtimeTV Radio, and has an established presence in the social media world.  She has shared her passions and creativity online, on local TV, and in various public venues.  She has a heart for Moms and helping them to see their importance and believe in their value in the world!

After several years of moving from state to state as her husband climbed the corporate ladder, she and her family have settled in the sunny and warm Desert Southwest! Here she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Communication, has become involved in various organizations, groups and communities, and has found her voice and medium for expression.

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