My Kid is Going To College! How Am I Going To Pay For It??

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Do you have a child heading off to college in the fall?  Are you stressed over the costs?  Does the idea of finding financial aid overwhelm you? 

Jodi Okun of  College Financial Advisors joined Mom of Many Hats Radio to discuss the daunting and often confusing process funding a college education for your child.  She shared her tips and knowledge of the processes, the resources, and the challenges that families face as they walk through the financial aid maze.

With all of the different types of financial aid and college funding options, understanding what you should apply for and what you may qualify for is not easy.  Jodi shared the difference between needs based, free money, and self help money options for financing college. She also shared the importance of filling out the proper financial aid forms  - the FAFSA  and often times also the CSS profile.

Jodi shared the following tips with our listeners:

  • Parents should include the students in on the college finance conversations
  • Parents and students should understand the terms of the aid ie: if it is a loan, when re-payment is to begin
  • To find grants and scholarship options, do a search in your browser for the type you are looking for. There are all kinds of grants and scholarships out there!
  • Apply, Apply, Apply for scholarships. Prior to college, use summer and winter breaks to fill out applications.  Continue to apply after college starts – there are funds out there for students already in college!
  • Look at sites such as Zinch, FinAid, and FastWeb for financial aid opportunities.
About Jodi Okun

Jodi is the founder of College Financial Aid Consultants where she helps families through the daunting and often confusing process of procuring financial aid. Through her guidance, families and students learn about different types of financial aid such as grants, loans and scholarships. Her assistance helps to ease the process of seeking out assistance, and filling out the multitude of forms required for application. She streamlines and organizes the process by helping families with timelines and meeting deadlines, and by walking them through this milestone step in their child’s and the family’s life.

Jodi is a Financial Aid Consultant at Occidental College and the host of the weekly Twitter Chat #CollegeCash at 10:00 PM EST each Thursday.

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