Spooktacular Halloween with Christy Larsen of Fudgeripple Blog! 4th Friday Creativity

Trick or Treat!

Do you transform your humble abode into a haunted house? Do enjoy ghastly ghostly get togethers with friends? Do show the holiday spirit in fun, fanciful or frightening cosutmes?

Halloween is such a fun time.  It’s the one time of year that we get to dress up into any character we want, eat strange looking but fun foods, scarf lots of candy, and deck out our homes to rival Dracula’s castle – all without anyone thinking there is something off with us!

But getting the spooky going can sometimes become more of a trick than a treat!

Christy Larsen of Fudge Ripple Blog shared creative costume, food and decor ideas to bring the spooktacular into your Halloween celebration. Christy is formally trained patry chef with a love for food, friends, family, creativity and celebration.  Her ideas are sure to bring you inspiration to make your Halloween a hauntingly fantastic experience!

Hauntingly Fantastic Home Decor

Simplicity is key when decking the halls for Halloween. The first step to creating a frighteningly fantastic display – whether it be a mantle or a mansion you are decorating is to pick a theme.  A color scape, a genre or a even a  particular story or location can be your inspiration for transporting your trick or treaters or guests to another place and dimension. Use things that you already have, vases, jars, things that match the feel of your theme, and then supplement with fun things that give an extra Halloween kick. The photo above is one of Christy’s Laboratory vanity.  In it she used jars she had, red food color, and inexpensive foam body parts that she found and a party store.

Another tip  Christy gave us is to use ordinary holiday things in creative ways as seen in these marshmallow and candy corn topiaries.  With a few items and a bit of creativity, the ordinary is transformed into the extrodinary.

Decorating for the holiday doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  It is about creating an atmosphere that creates a fun and festive feel for you and your guests to be enjoy the Halloween Celebration.

Bootiful Bounty for the Halloween Noshing

Part of the celebration is about enjoying good food. As a Formally trained pastry chef, Christy expresses her love, her creativity and her passion for family and friends through the dishes and deserts that she prepares.  From candy apples that Dracula would risk his fangs for, to a dark as a halloween night chocolate cake, to a new take on bobbing for apples, Christy’s tips for preparing a spooky but spectacular spread are sure to make our Halloween entertaining goes off without a hitch!

Here are a few of the fantastic recipies you can find for Halloween and fall holidays Courtesy of Christy:

Creepy or Couture – Costumes Can’t be Forgotten!

Dressing up on Halloween is fun for kids, but it’s fun for us adults too! Christy’s costume creations are fun and unique. But as an admitted “non-seamstress”, she lets creativity take over and doesn’t worry about the perfection of every stitch.  She lets the Halloween spirit flow into her costume projects. The result is fantastically fanciful or frightening holiday disguises that show her talent, Halloween spirit and personality.

For more Halloween and other fantastic everyday and holiday projects, recipes and ideas, be sure to visit FudgeRipple Blog .  To hear the broadcast of this Spooktacular Halloween show click HERE! Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

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