Third Friday Health And Beauty/ Breast Cancer IBC

Did you know that statistics show that breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women? Did you know that breast cancer is not always a lump? Did you know that men are not immune to breast cancers?

Today on Mom of Many Hats Radio We had a very important conversation about Breast Cancer.  Amy Schultz is a wife, a mother, and my sister in the midst of the battle with IBC – Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Amy had a clear mammogram 13 months prior to being diagnosed in stage IV inflammatory breast cancer.  She went to her Doctor for a cold and by chance had her doctor look at rash she had on her breast.  She hadn’t given a lot of thought to the rash, but her doctor was aware of the symptoms of IBC an sent her directly to a breast surgeon.  That day she had an initial diagnoses – confirmed two days later, of IBC.

Amy’s IBC did not manifest in the form of a lump.  IBC rarely does. IBC is a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer.  It is a cancer that block the lymphatic system resulting in swelling, dimpling of the skin, and a sheetlike growth of cancer cells.  When it is found, it is almost always in a late III or IV stage – meaning that it has metastasized (spread) to other parts of the body.   It is often missed by mammograms and misdiagnosed.  For these reasons, it is important for us to know the symptoms and advocate for our own heath.

Amy has had chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy.  She is still in treatment after a host of different types of chemotherapy cocktails.

Along with regular self exams, clinical exams and mammograms (at the interval recommendation by your Doctor) a you can add the SISTER check to look for signs of IBC.


  • S – Size or Swelling
  •  I – Inflammation or Itchiness
  • S – Soreness
  • T – Texture or Orange Peel Appearance
  • E – Engorgement or Flattening Nipple
  • R – Redness or Change in Color

To  hear more about Amy’s Journey and this important conversation please click HERE. To learn more about IBC please visit The IBC Network To listen to past Mom of Many Hats Radio Shows click HERE or click the Itunes Gal on the sidebar to listen to broadcasts on the go!

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One thought on “Third Friday Health And Beauty/ Breast Cancer IBC

  1. It is so important to be aware of any changes, not just lumps! It is also necessary to make sure our charitable “pink” organizations are funding research for metastatic disease. Metastatic disease is what is deadly.

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