Second Friday Parenting Hat: Instinct, Intuition, Information 9/9/11

What leads your parenting style? Do you rely on instinct, intuition , or information most in making your parenting decisions?

Surely we are all guided by all three in our parenting.  But, how heavily we each rely on instinct, intuition, and information differs from person to person.  For some of us we may simply just know what to do out of instinct.  Our instant reactions to parenting situations are what guide our actions and parenting style.  We can rely on what our natural reactions are to guide us to what to do in most situations.  For some of us, intuition and “feeling” the right way to react and proceed is what guides us. We consider ourselves in tune to our children and their needs.  We may have some internal struggles about what to do, be we rely on what our gut is telling us.  Still for other of us, information from others, from books, or from other sources may be what drives how we parent. We need the checks and balances of a logical argument to guide us in the decisions we make.

None of these are bad, but is there a point where relying on one too much can be detrimental?  Is there a difference between women and men and what drives parenting decisions?

Join us this week at 5PM EST as we talk to Sharon Girodo of Mom Time TV and Bruce Sallan of A Dad’s Point Of View, about parenting styles and the driving factors behind them. Click the links or the images below to find out more about these two fabulous parents!


Live listening at show time and pod cast downloads available on the sidebar or this post or by clicking HERE! Call in at  877-864-4860 , tweet at #MMHradio, or live chat to join the conversation and ask questions of our fabulous guests!


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