Second Friday Parenting Hat 8/12

One of the biggest hats we wear is the parenting hat!  It shapes the way we view almost every other aspect or our lives.  At this time of a year it is a particular challenge to get our kids ready to get back to school. On today’s show, we talked with three teachers and a mom, Amy S., Amy D, and Elizabeth Z, and Sharon Girodo.  They gave us some wonderful tips on how to  get our kids ready for school.

From Amy S. we heard about the benefit of using everyday life as learning opportunities – even a trip to the store can be a learning experience by using math to figure out things like how many pieces of fruit are needed. Amy D. Reminded us to be positive about the upcoming year and learning experience.  Elizabeth Z. showed us the importance of having a routine with our kids to help them feel safe and confident. We also heard from the teachers about how we as parents, can prepare ourselves for the return of our kids to school. The teachers are the professionals and heads of the classroom realm.  We need to trust them to take care of our children – they will work with us to make sure our children have the best learning experience possible.Finally, we talked about how we can support our teachers through volunteering, classroom supplies, tax credits, and looking at our children’s teachers as team members in the raising of our kids.

Mom of Many Hats Radio sends  a huge THANK YOU to every teacher out there.  You have our children for a large portion of their lives.  We appreciate all you do and the influence you have on our children!

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